Amplify Employee Voice

Leverage our statically validated Engagement Assessment and Active Listening Model to give your employees a voice and create a safe space for them to share authentically about their employee experience.

Real-Time Insight for HR, Executives & Leaders

Beyond just measuring employee engagement, discover real-time actionable insight about the things that matter most to your people and get a true understanding of the sentiment of employees, including themes and sentiment of employee comments.

Inspire Action

What gets measured gets improved. Empowering your leaders with insight coupled with leadership development through resources such as Leader Coach can be powerful in truly impacting levels of employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Surveys: Reinvented

Employee First

A simple experience created with employees in mind, on any device

Confidential Feedback

Our Employee Promise offers confidentiality for honest feedback

Powerful Analytics

Powerful analytics engine to view insight and trends custom to your company with unlimited employee attributes

Natural Language Understanding

Get themes and sentiment of open ended comments for immediate insight.

Inspire Leadership

Serve insight to leaders in real-time to inspire action.

Real-time Visualization

Want to incent employees to offer feedback? Optional aggregate data sent to employees in real-time

A Multi-Purpose Platform

WorkTango Pulse helps companies hear the voice of the employee for any purpose you need.
Change Management
M&A Alignment
Onboarding / Exit
Project Effectiveness
Diversity & Inclusion
Business Transformation
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