Giving employees a voice

and leaders actionable insight

01. Listen to your workforce

02. Gain real-time insight

03. Inspire Action

The WorkTango platform creates space for employees to have a voice and helps companies easily gather frequent feedback for any engagement, transformation, or feedback initiative. Using data science and natural language understanding, actionable insights from employee feedback is served in real-time to HR, executives, and people leaders. The results are quicker insight and action, better people decisions, and a more aligned and engaged workforce.

A Multi-Purpose Platform

WorkTango Pulse helps companies hear the voice of the employee for any purpose you need.
COVID-19 Response
Remote Work
Psychological Health & Safety
Return to Work
Employee Engagement
Leadership Feedback
Change Management
M&A Alignment
Onboarding / Exit
Project Effectiveness
Diversity & Inclusion
Business Transformation

The best part?

Employee First

No matter what you use WorkTango for, the employee experience is fun, pleasant and simple. We put employees first and protect their identity, which  results in honest feedback and higher response rates.

Unlimited Use

Employee voice doesn’t stop with employee engagement surveys. Use of the platform is UNLIMITED. Use WorkTango for all of your needs and never pay more. Seriously.

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WorkTango helps these household names gain insight into employee engagement and get any type of employee feedback.


Completely customizable for your unique needs

  • Custom pulse surveys tailored to YOUR needs. Your questions, branding and communication. Unbelievably flexible.
  • Many languages. One solution. 
  • Ask, and you shall receive – our library and best-practice templates at your fingertips. Or just upload your own.

A seamless employee experience

  • frictionless experience for employees – no accounts or apps needed. Seconds to complete on any device.
  • Anonymous Responses designed to promote honest feedback and higher participation rates
  • Add a fun experience with different icon types if you like.
  • Ask only what matters – no demographic questions needed. Employee attributes are uploaded or integrated to our platform

Real-time actionable insight

  • Get insights in real-time. No waiting necessary.
  • Intuitive dashboards that are easy to understand and share. Powerful reporting and trends by unlimited employee attributes
  • Role-based dashboards for executives, HR leaders and managers
  • Compare and rank feedback by any part of your business. Easily identify high-potential or problem areas

Enable your leaders to be successful

  • Manager dashboards offer real-time insights for leaders to see sentiment for their direct reports and hierarchies. No need for HR to be a filter.
  • Nudge managers in real-time – get quantitative and qualitative insight to managers automatically
  • Give leaders access to our Leader Coach that recommends key ideas and content based on employee feedback so they can improve.

Natural Language Understanding - Powered by IBM Watson

  • Gather qualitative feedback in an intuitive way to support action
  • See employee sentiment for all qualitative feedback from employees and easily pull out themes 
  • Partner with the best – Powered by powerful sentiment analysis and Natural Language Understanding technology using IBM Watson, we help you see the forest from the trees.

Anonymous Conversations

  • Easily acknowledge employee comments in one-click
  • Let employees know their comments are being worked on or thank them for a great idea
  • Respond to employee comments to continue the conversation. The employee is always anonymous.

Predict the best actions using data science

  • Using data science, get an idea of which categories of questions have the biggest influence on your company’s overall score
  • For example, identify what engagement drivers have the biggest influence on your overall Engagement Score
  • Predict what the increase of your overall score will look like if you improve specific engagement drivers to help focus your actions.

Some feedback should be anonymous. The real employee voice should be heard. That’s our promise to you.

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