Ask The Right Questions

Do employees feel safe and comfortable when at work? Do they believe senior leadership encourages diversity? Be proactive versus reactive with a diversity and inclusion survey to employees.

Real-Time Insight for HR, Executives & Leaders

Diversity and inclusion related issues can surface organizationally but more often in pockets of the organization. Use the garnered data from a diversity and inclusion survey to employees to pinpoint issues whether it be at the team level, in a specific office location, or anywhere else.

It’s more than just a policy

Policy is important for legal protections, but daily actions, unconscious and conscious, cultivate the everyday experience for employees.  Proactively take action to build employee trust before challenges become major issues.

Hear from employees to improve diversity and inclusion practices

Employee First

A simple experience created with employees in mind, on any device

Anonymous Feedback

Our Employee Promise offers anonymity for honest feedback

Powerful Analytics

Powerful analytics engine to view insight and trends custom to your company

Natural Language Understanding

Get themes and sentiment of open ended comments for immediate insight.

Inspire Leadership

Serve insight to leaders in real-time to inspire action.

Real-time Visualization

Want to incent employees to offer feedback? Optional aggregate data sent to employees in real-time

The team was responsive and collaborative. Fantastic customer experience!

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Michelle GonsalvesNorton Rose Fulbright Canada

I can't say enough about the customer support - super responsive, professional, personable. I highly recommend the WorkTango product and team.

Brent LoweBullfrog Power, Inc.

A Multi-Purpose Platform

WorkTango Pulse helps companies hear the voice of the employee for any purpose you need.
Employee Engagement
Leadership Feedback
Change Management
M&A Alignment
Onboarding / Exit
Project Effectiveness
Diversity & Inclusion
Business Transformation
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