Covid-19 & Remote Work
Response Survey Benchmarks


Our organization has taken appropriate action in response to COVID-19

(April 15th = 95% =)

Do you feel supported by the organization during this period of uncertainty due to COVID-19?

(April 15 = 94% ↓1%)

My manager is committed and actively supporting me throughout this challenging time.

(April 15 = 87% ↓2%)

I have confidence in the organization’s ability to overcome the challenges faced by COVID-19.

(April 15 = 92% ↓7%)

I have access to the things I need to succeed at work when working remotely.

(April 15 = 81% ↓3%)

The frequency of communication from my leaders/organization has been effective.

(April 15 = 78% ↑1%)

I feel comfortable communicating concerns or making suggestions about COVID-19 to leadership.

(April 15 = 89% ↓10%)

I am fully aware of how COVID-19 will affect my role at the organization

(April 15 = 86% ↓27%)

Last Updated: May 1, 2020
Responses are an average of 34 companies that reflect the percent of responses that were positive (Agree/Strongly Agree) 

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