We don't have a mission.

We have a passion.

Missions end, but passion lives forever.
WorkTango’s passion is to improve lives at work.

Our Story

WorkTango’s co-founders Rob Catalano and Nadir Ebrahim met 14 years ago in Toronto, Canada. They worked together for 10+ years as founding employees of Achievers (acquired for $139 Million in 2015) and even lived together for three years while leading the company’s US expansion based out of San Francisco.

With over 20 collective years in HR-Technology, Rob and Nadir gained a unique view into what makes employees engaged and organizations performing. They saw an opportunity to improve on the engagement and performance practices in companies to offer more value to HR, executives, managers, and employees by leveraging technology. As the workforce evolves, so to should our practices to become more real-time and agile.

Now, Rob and Nadir work with the WorkTango family every day out of their downtown Toronto offices with the passion to improve lives at work. Although they don’t agree on good music (hard rock or hip hop?) or sports (hockey or basketball?), they do agree that the workplace needs to be a better place.


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